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Our skilled technicians are knowledgeable about the leading telecom systems we offer, giving us the ability to design a customized system that integrates with your existing technologies and meets your specific requirements. 


We get to know you and your operation so we can provide you with the features and functionality you need. AFA will design and install a telecom system with the cabling and components that meet your requirements, including telephones, intercoms, microphones, sound systems and cameras for single or multi-building systems.  We provide equipment from leading manufacturers, not proprietary systems, giving you the freedom to choose the right systems and the right service partner. We believe this leads to a better, simpler service experience.


AFA provides fully integrated telecom systems and services that include video signal distribution controllers, intercoms, microphones, telephones, sound systems, multi-building systems and computer hardware and software from our manufacturer partners. Many of our employees have been with us for more than 40 years. Our employees and our clients stay with us for the long term because they know that we are a partner you can rely on.


As a business owner or facility manager you need to know that your telecom system works reliably. You can’t afford to miss calls or messages from your clients. Our technicians respond promptly and professionally to keep your system, and your business, up and running. We know that downtime isn’t an option and our service and maintenance programs ensure continuous 24/7 operation. We follow up on details to ensure you benefit from the right solutions at the right price and receive premium service that you can trust.

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