AFA provides a range of supervision and tank monitoring services to monitor your building's various systems – helping ensure that your building, and the people and assets inside it, stay safe.

Fire and Sprinkler Supervision

Our fire and sprinkler supervisory service monitors devices on a building's sprinkler system to determine the condition of the system helping to ensure the safety of your people, property and assets. We provide the equipment and installation to be able to monitor the components of a sprinkler system including water pressure, water level in the gravity tanks, temperature, gate valve positions, waterflow and the fire pump(s).  Our systems and supervisory service ensure compliance with the appropriate codes and/or insurance equipment and provides an alert if a problem arises.

Flood Detection

To help minimize damage to your business or home from damaging floods, AFA provides flood detection services. Our flood detection devices will provide early warning of water and send an alert so that any damage from a broken pipe or faulty value would be minimized. We use equipment from leading manufacturers so that you can choose the right system for your specific needs.

Boiler Supervision

AFA's boiler supervision provides inspection and monitoring of devices we install in the tank, the lines and all parts of the boiler system. Our experienced employees will inspect our system of devices and can install a wireless alarm that provides an alert locally if a problem arises with the boiler or any of its components. Our boiler supervision service includes ongoing maintenance and inspections of our equipment to ensure the continuous reliability of our supervisory system. Remote monitoring is part of this service.

Industrial Process Supervision

AFA's industrial process supervision improves personnel safety and productivity with sensors and controllers connected to a central control system. Our professional technicians work with you to learn your processes and identify points of possible failure that need monitoring. We design an industrial process supervision solution specific to your business needs.

We know that the smooth operation and safety of your facility is critical.  At AFA our goal is to provide peace of mind to building owner and managers looking for fire and security solutions – the kind of peace of mind that comes from exceptional service, prompt follow up on details and forthright responses to your questions. Our experienced employees have worked with clients and businesses that stay with AFA because they know that we are a partner you can rely on.  

AFA also provides Central Monitoring Services to receive signals and notify you of a trouble condition or, if an alarm, notify you transmitting your alarm to the appropriate responder for a prompt, reliable response and continuous protection of your business or home. 

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