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AFA provides a range of supervision and monitoring services for your building’s various systems – helping ensure that your building, and the people and assets inside it, stay safe.


Our fire and sprinkler supervisory service monitor your building’s sprinkler system to help to ensure the health of your system as well as the safety of your people, property and assets. We can install sensors to monitor necessary sprinkler system components including water pressure, water level in the gravity tanks, temperature, gate valve positions, waterflow and the fire pump(s). Our systems and supervisory services ensure compliance with the appropriate codes and/or insurance equipment and provide alerts should a problem arise.


AFA provides flood detection services to help minimize damage to your business or home. Our flood detection devices will provide early warning of water and send an alert so that any damage from a broken pipe or faulty value could be minimized.


AFA’s boiler supervision services include monitoring devices that we install to be fully aware of all parts of the boiler system. Our experienced employees can install a wireless alarm that provides an alert locally if a problem arises with the boiler or any of its components. Our boiler supervision service can include ongoing maintenance and/or inspections of equipment to ensure continuous reliability of the supervisory system.


Elevator Monitoring requires a connection to an outside staffed location operating 24/7 to ensure the appropriate response can be taken should an emergency situation occur. AFA’s multiple company-owned central station facilities are staffed with trained personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Elevator monitoring services can provide prompt notification to the appropriate emergency responders or service dispatch to an elevator technician. Our Central Station monitoring staff is trained to assist in both emergency and nonemergency situations.


AFA’s industrial process supervision improves personnel safety and productivity with sensors and controllers connected to a central control system. Our professional technicians work with you to learn your processes and identify points of possible failure that need monitoring. We can design an industrial process supervision solution specific to your business needs.

We know that the smooth operation and safety of your facility is critical. At AFA our goal is to provide peace of mind to building owners and managers looking for fire and security solutions – the kind of peace of mind that comes from exceptional service, prompt follow up on details and forthright responses to your questions. Our experienced employees have worked with clients and businesses that stay with AFA because they know that we are a partner you can rely on.
AFA also provides Central Monitoring Services to receive signals and notify you of a trouble condition or, if an alarm, notify you transmitting your alarm to the appropriate responder for a prompt, reliable response and continuous protection of your business or home.

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