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Industrial facilities range in size, scoper and purpose. Since industrial facilities are unique, AFA employees take the time to get to know each facility’s nuance, the business operation and the specific security or fire alarm system requirements.

AFA has been providing fire and security protection for industrial facilities since 1873. We are proud of our heritage of reliable service and thoughtful attention to the needs and concerns of our customers.

We service our industrial customers with personal relationships to build trust through responsiveness and confidence with customized solutions to meet the safety and security needs of their facilities.

Our industrial fire alarm and security solutions provide customers with long-term quality and peace of mind through:

  • Unmatched response time
  • Competent and experienced employees
  • Access to advanced technologies
  • Turn-key services and
  • Competitive pricing


We provide our services to industrial buildings of all sizes using only nonproprietary systems and equipment. We believe the freedom to choose the right system and the right service partner leads to a better, simpler service experience.

We want to be the partner you can take at their word and continually rely on.

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