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Real Estate


If you own or manage property, the safety of our tenants, staff and buildings should always be a priority. Without the proper life safety protection, your entire business could be at risk. Furthermore, your building’s Certificate depends on the proper functioning of your fire and life safety equipment.

AFA is the most experienced fire alarm and security company in the nation, providing life safety services to building owners and managers for over 100 years. We provide our services to many of largest real estate owners in managers in the country including Commercial buildings, Industrial facilities and Residential buildings.

Our customers know that a partnership with AFA comes with responsive and thoughtful service. The qualities our customers have grown to expect when using AFA as a commercial fire and security vendor are:

  • Unmatched response time
  • Competent and experienced employees
  • Access to advanced technologies
  • Turn-key services and
  • Competitive pricing


At AFA, our goal is to provide peace of mind to building managers and owners looking for fire and security solutions – the lid of peace of mind that comes from exceptional service, prompt follow up on details and forthright responses to your questions.

Make AFA, the country’s longest running central station, your choice to better protect your people, your tenants and your investments.

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