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Our focus is providing best in class customer service. Our team of consultants and system engineers collaborate with you to understand the unique needs of your property. Through communication and attention to detail, we will develop the best protective solution for you. AFA places a great deal of emphasis on long-term customer relationships to build sustainable trust. We strive to be your partner who will always be there for you as your company grows and your needs change.


We provide non-proprietary equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers. We are committed to delivering non-proprietary equipment because we believe no customer should be “locked in” to any vendor. We believe this leads to a better, simpler service experience, but most importantly, provides you the freedom to choose the right business partner for all your service needs. Our knowledgeable professionals will design and install the best solution for your property utilizing quality systems with the appropriate features and functionality to maximize value.


We offer a range service to service systems of any size. No matter how simple or complex your fire alarm system may be, our robust solutions are available to keep your building and personnel well protected. We provide custom fire alarm solutions designing, installing, monitoring, inspecting, and servicing fire alarm systems that meet your unique requirements. This ensures that your system complies with current insurance and regulatory standards, including municipal fire codes.


Our experience in Fire Alarm Services includes:

  • System Design
  • Plan Submittals
  • Budget & Planning Services
  • Expediting Services
  • System Installation
  • System Integration
  • Test & Inspection
  • Maintenance Services
  • Central Station Monitoring
  • Sprinkler System Monitoring
  • Code Approvals

Contact us for more information about our fire alarm systems and services or to schedule a complimentary system survey.


Fenway Park

AFA Protective Systems, Inc. has provided fire and life safety services to Fenway Park for more than 30 years.


Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport

Since 2010, AFA has provided fire and life safety service to Atlanta Airport.


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