AFA provides innovative, reliable fire and security systems and services to our customers to protect their property and businesses. Our history is built on deep commitment and meaningful relationships with long-term customers and we are driven to exceptional service, responsiveness and attention to detail to meet your unique fire and security needs. Our goal is to help ensure reliable systems and support that give you peace of mind. 

Thoughtful and Innovative Fire and Security Systems

Fire safety and security solutions require the thoughtful approach of a partner who understands that property or business. By getting to know you and your unique needs, we strive to provide the right solutions for installing, monitoring, servicing and inspecting your fire and security system. We find the right technology, best approach, and best solution to help you ensure your most valuable assets are fully protected.

System Independence with Unmatched Support

Quality fire and security systems are only as reliable as the aptitude and support behind them. We provide equipment from leading manufacturers rather than proprietary systems because we believe the independence to choose the right system and the right service partner leads to a better, simpler service experience. Our expertise installing, monitoring, servicing and inspecting your fire and security systems gives us the confidence that we can provide the unmatched support you deserve. 

Exceptional Service, Responsiveness and Attention to Detail

For fire and security protection, genuine peace of mind comes from trusting in the service you receive and knowing that everything has been checked and rechecked. We pride ourselves in our tireless follow through and follow up on details with our clients and partners. We deliver exceptional service with prompt and forthright responses so you know that your people and assets are protected.

A Heritage of Experience and History of Meaningful Relationships

AFA’s heritage as the nation’s first Central Station fire alarm company is a great source of pride for us. But what’s most important are the long-term relationships we have built with clients, partners and employees over the decades.  History and relationships matter. It’s the difference between being a number in a computer and having a long-time personal contact you can take at their word. It’s the stability and reliability that comes with over 140 years of experience protecting and serving our clients.


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