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7 Reasons Commercial Businesses Need An Access Control System

An access control system allows you to electronically control who has access to your building. While access control systems and devices may vary, they all can greatly improve the safety and security of your business. Here are seven reasons your business needs an access control system.

Prevents Key-Related Issues

Providing employees with keys can lead to several issues. An employee may lose a key or get locked out of a building, leaving you with the expense of rekeying. Keys can also be a hassle to keep track of and distribute. With an access control system, you’ll prevent these common key-related issues. 

Reduces Employee Theft

Unfortunately, stealing does occur in the workplace. Even if you believe you’ve hired the most trustworthy employees, there is a chance they’ll steal from you. With an access control system, you can track your employees whereabouts, helping to determine who was in the area and when any theft occurred

Protects Employees

With an access control system, you can protect your employees from unwanted visitors. Only those who have active credentials will be able to enter your building. This should give you and your employees peace of mind knowing everyone at your business is authorized.

Limits Access to Certain Areas

If you work with sensitive information, dangerous equipment, or high-value materials, it’s in your best interest to limit access to them. An access control system will provide employees and guests restrictions, so certain rooms and areas stay off limits.

Provides Employee Freedom

Employees can enter your building early or late without having to wait for someone to unlock the doors, if you have an access control system. They’ll enjoy flexible schedules and won’t have to depend on managers or other authoritative figures to lock up once they’re ready to go. 

Simplifies Employee Onboarding and Termination

Employees come and go. These situations can lead to the hassle of changing locks and restricting certain areas of your business. An access control system can make it a breeze for you to quickly grant or remove access, leading to a simpler onboarding and termination process. 

Improves Tracking

Maybe you want to find out if an employee is continually late to work. Or perhaps you’re dealing with theft on the weekend and want to determine who was working. With an access control system, you can get a good idea of when and where people are entering your building. 

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