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Fire Alarm Maintenance Helps Prevent False Alarms

Malfunctioning fire alarms on your property that are repeatedly triggered even though there is no fire can be stressful, expensive, and even dangerous. Additionally, false alarms disrupt businesses and the costs to productivity can be significant. You can reduce or eliminate these disruptive false alarms with regular system maintenance.

Fire Alarm Maintenance Benefits

The lack of a fire alarm maintenance program is a primary reason for malfunctioning fire alarms. Buildings need to have their system checked regularly to ensure that it only goes off if there is an actual fire. The performance of the system will suffer without regular maintenance. How often you need maintenance depends on what kind of system you have. You may only need it once a year, but it could also be necessary to do a check each month, each quarter or twice a year.

The occurrence of consistent false alarms could mean a fire department might not be available to respond to a real fire elsewhere. They can also mean the building is in violation of local codes, which can lead to fines. Employees might become lax about fire safety if false alarms are a regular occurrence and may assume an alarm from a real fire is just another malfunction. Therefore, both your property and visitors to your property are at risk from a faulty alarm system.

Many people do not realize that smoke detectors may malfunction simply because of the presence of airborne particles in their environment such as dirt or dust. Poorly maintained fire safety equipment may eventually fail altogether if it is not maintained.

Lower Fire Alarm Costs

The emergency repairs you may have to authorize when false alarms occur can be costly. A well-maintained fire alarm should not need frequent or expensive repairs, and it should not be necessary to buy additional equipment for many years unless you are expanding the system. However, if you do not maintain it, you may be forced to replace some parts or even the entire system sooner than you normally would.

It might seem like you can cut costs by having building staff take care of fire alarm maintenance, but most likely, they lack the necessary training and expertise. You are much better off hiring a qualified company with technicians experienced in fire alarm maintenance to check your system regularly. This will save you money and keep your property and the people in it safe. To avoid the nuisance caused by false alarms as well as the unproductive down time and costs of having to replace worn-out equipment, contact AFA Protective Systems, today.

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