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Fire Protection in Stadiums

Stadiums are buildings where fire safety is most essential. It’s important for a place that hosts games, concerts, and other large-scale events to be properly protected in case of a fire. If a fire occurs, many lives are at risk, whether it’s players, performers, attendees, or staff, a robust system that combines early detection and notification is crucial.

Most stadiums have a capacity of thousands of people, selecting the right fire alarm system and service provider is key to keeping everyone safe. A fire alarm system that can provide unique messages to specific parts of the stadium will help maximize protection and enable a safe evacuation. It’s important that all stadium occupants can receive quick and clear messaging from the fire alarm system.

AFA can design and install solutions to meet the requirements of stadiums and all types of other complex properties.

For example, AFA upgraded the existing fire alarm system at Fenway Park and provided an advanced emergency voice/alarm communications (EVAC) network throughout the ballpark and its surrounding structures. Remote annunciators were installed to provide facilities personnel and first responders with fast access to information. A network graphic annunciator (NGA) with easy operating technology was provided in the fire control room with the system’s main control panel.

Emergency personnel can address the entire park directly from the command center with the fire alarm system’s ability to take over the park’s public address system. Even after the successful completion of the new system, AFA continues providing all required fire alarm services to Fenway Park, including monitoring, inspections, and maintenance.

Whether your property needs a new system installation or an update to its existing fire alarm, we have the experience and knowledge to design and install a system for your unique needs. AFA is a reliable partner with a long history of successful, long-lasting relationships.

You can depend on us to install a reliable, code compliant fire alarm system and to provide maintenance, testing, inspections, and monitoring to keep your system running smoothly in the future. It’s important to use an experienced company that has the knowledge, experience, and personnel to provide an advanced fire protection solution.

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