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Four Reasons You Need Your Fire Alarm System Inspected

Keeping your fire alarm system up to date and working properly is important for your building and its occupants. The key to making sure your life safety system is in working condition is to have regular inspections conducted by a licensed fire alarm professional. There are many reasons why you should consider having your system regularly inspected. Here are 4 important ones:

1.It’s the Law.

Regular inspections of your fire alarm system are required by local fire codes, NFPA standards, and insurance companies. Complying with codes and regulations will help you avoid expensive fines from you local AHJs. 

2.Fix Problems for Peace of Mind.

When your system is inspected, you can become aware of problems that you did not know existed. If you know about your system’s problems you will be able to repair any defects and you can have peace of mind knowing that your fire alarm system is ready to protect your building and its occupants.

3.It Will Save you Money.

A fire alarm system that does not work properly is at risk of not being able to detect a fire. This means your building could have extensive fire damage, which would be costly to repair. Having your system regularly inspected will save you money in the long run by preventing expensive damages from a fire.

4.It is the Right Thing to Do.

Building owners and managers have a moral obligation to keep their building safe for tenants and coworkers. By not having a fire alarm system inspected, lives could be at risk. Do the right thing and have your system inspected.

Inspect your System with AFA Protective Systems, Inc.

AFA can inspect your fire alarm system to make sure it is working properly. You can set up a service plan with us that includes regularly scheduled inspections as required by local codes, NFPA standards, and insurance companies. We will keep your inspection paperwork on file in case you ever need it. AFA provides central station monitoring as well as 24-hour emergency services to assist you if your system breaks down unexpectedly. Give AFA a call today at 877-232-1873 to schedule an inspection of your fire alarm system.

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