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The Importance of Internet and Cellular Fire Alarm Communicators

If you own a commercial business, it is critical to protect your building with a fire alarm communication system to alert the authorities in the event of an emergency. IP (internet protocol) and Digital cellular are the most modern, reliable and fastest communication methods to provide connectivity from your premise to a central station monitoring facility. Here are some advantages of internet and cellular fire alarm communicators:

  1. Internet and Cellular systems can save you money: IP/Cellular transmission methods allow you the ability to drop your dedicated landlines for your fire alarm communicator. Therefore, using cellular communication technology means you no longer have to pay your recurring “phone company” costs by eliminating phone lines.

  2. IP/Cellular system alerts are more reliable than landlines: IP/Digital cellular communicators can check in with your central station every 5 minutes, alerting them that the system is working properly. Whereas POTS lines (or landlines) send a signal only once every 24 hours, depending on the local code. Landline users could have their systems down up to a day without the central monitoring facility knowing.

  3. Cellular system alerts are faster than landline: In the event of an emergency, IP/Cellular communication systems communicate almost immediately to your central station. Regular phone lines can take anywhere over 20-30 seconds to transmit a signal.

  4. Cellular systems are more reliable than landlines: With an IP/Cellular fire alarm communicator, if you do not have power, the central station monitoring facility will still receive signals from your system. With POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines, the central station monitoring facility will not receive a signal if you lose power and your landlines are down.

While landlines were once an efficient and reliable communication method to transmit signals, their recent conversion VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) combined with the increased reliability of newer technologies make landlines less desirable as an alarm communication method.

Switch to Cellular Communications Now with AFA Protective Systems, Inc.

We know that nothing is more important than the safety of the people in your building and the protection of your valuable assets. AFA provides cellular fire alarm communication systems so you can choose the right systems and the right partner for your specific service needs.

 AFA Protective Systems is encouraging all customers to make the switch to IP/Digital Cellular now to avoid potential issues with connectivity in the future, thereby keeping your building and its occupants safe.

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