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Keep Your Facility Safe With Thermographic Cameras from AFA

Thermographic Cameras   Thermographic Camera

As businesses look to reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers and building owners are making the safety of all employees and tenants a key issue. Protective measures have been recommended for businesses in this “new normal” which could help expedite the process and improve safety. Thermal solutions that detect elevated body temperature are on the list of new protective measures many businesses and building owners are implementing as part of a comprehensive plan to provide a safe environment.

Thermographic cameras are highly efficient and effective thermal solution tool used for temperature screenings. The thermographic camera scans temperature from a safe distance, detecting elevated skin temperatures and alerting security personnel of the possible presence of a fever. This provides the opportunity to isolate an individual for additional testing or deny an individual access to a building or facility before other employees or tenants are exposed.

The World health organization (WHO) has recommended implementing coronavirus temperature screenings in airports, transportation hubs and ports, hospitals, and other locales to help reduce the pace of spread of COVID-19. Many businesses across the United States have started to use thermographic cameras as an effective way to provide similar protection in their facilities. They believe an investment in this new technology can improve employee safety and reduce the chances of future disruption to their business from COVID-19.

AFA Protective Systems, Inc. works with several equipment manufacturers to provide our customers with the best temperature scanning video solution options for their facilities. If you would like to learn more about thermographic camera technology or discuss how it can be used as part of a safety plan for your property, please contact your local AFA representative at 877-232-1873


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