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What is Access Control (And Why Is It Important for Your Business)

With an access control system, you can electronically control who has access to your building. You can also control when they have access and where they have access. As long as you invest in a quality product, it may be just what you need to increase the safety and security of your business.

No matter what industry you’re in or what size company you are, you’ll find that an access control system gives you some much needed peace of mind. The peace of mind of knowing that your people, equipment, and information are where they should be at all times.

Access Control System vs. Physical Keys

Many businesses still rely on keys for physical access control. Unfortunately, keys come with a number of issues and limitations. This is particularly true as an organization grows. If you currently use keys, you know that:

  • People Lose Keys: If an employee loses a key, it’s your responsibility to replace the lock. You’ll also have to hand out a new set of keys to everyone who requires access to that specific door.
  • Keys Do Not Create an Audit Trail: You aren’t able to see when someone has used a key. Therefore, it’s difficult to track who enters your building at various times.
  • Keys Lead to Management Issues: If an employee needs access to various buildings and rooms, they’ll have to carry around multiple keys. This can make things confusing and cause them to forget which key is for which door.

Fortunately, an access control system can resolve all of your key-related challenges. It’ll bring you the control, transparency, and convenience that physical keys simply lack.

Benefits of an Access Control System

With a quality access control system from a reputable provider like AFA Protective Systems, Inc., your business can reap the following benefits:

  • Ease of Control: You can easily add access or revoke employee privileges. Depending on the system you invest in, you may be able to do so from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Greater Security: If you often forget to manually lock your doors, an access control system is invaluable. It can do so automatically on your behalf.
  • Faster Emergency Response: In the event of theft or another emergency situation, you’ll be able to lock all access points right away.
  • Access to Multiple Locations: If your business has multiple locations, an access control system can make life easier for employees who frequently travel between them.
  • Integration with Your Security System: If you choose an access control system that can integrate with your security system, you’ll be able to manage all your security measures at once.

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