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Why is AFA Replacing Older Alarm Systems with New Addressable Notifier Systems?

AFA Protective Systems is currently working on an influx of projects requiring the replacement of older systems with new addressable Notifier systems. This is for many reasons:

1) Parts and equipment tend to wear out. Fire alarms and their equipment, like all technology, have a shelf life. When you consider that they’re working all the time, its pretty amazing fire alarm systems can run for decades. Eventually, however these systems do need to be replaced.

2) New Fire Alarms have better technology. Notifier’s new technology contained in their Onyx series allows for varying levels of sensitivity, field programmable displays, as well as enhanced audio and mass notification integration. Older alarm systems simply don’t have the functionality that new systems do. This could better protect building occupants as well as make your building staff’s life easier.

3) Business owners, property managers and or facilities managers prefer nonproprietary over proprietary systems. We have written a lot about this point in the past, but a switch to a nonproprietary system will make managing the fire alarm system easier for the building staff. When the switch is made to a nonproprietary fire alarm system, owners and managers no longer are in a single-sourced and restricted relationship with their fire alarm provider. They now have the option to shop around with the knowledge and confidence that multiple authorized distributors in their area can effectively service their fire alarm system.

Whatever the reason is, it is most important that the switch from old to new happens without interruption. In the event of an emergency it is imperative the fire alarm system be operational even during the conversion from old to new. This is especially true in buildings that are occupied like schools, hospitals, dormitories, apartment buildings, hotels and offices. This transition should happen quickly and without any interruptions so true protection and notification capacity is never lost.

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