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Why A Security System is More Important Than Ever

The number one priority for your business should be  the safety and security of your staff, property and valuable assets. If you have the right security system, you can be more efficient, aware and confident  knowing your property is adequately protected. Business stakeholders should consider the following systems for comprehensive protection  of their facilities.

Burglar Alarms are the first and most robust security solution. A security system protects a building’s perimeter through various contacts that  monitor the status of  each exterior window or door. A professionally designed security system also includes interior protection which can include motion, sound, and vibration detectors that pick up movement and activity within the premise itself. These solutions are designed to send alarm signals from your systems control panel to a central station monitoring facility where live operators are on the job 24/7 to react and respond to any security breach.

Video Surveillance systems can provide the ability to view any activity in a building 24 hours a day. Remote access allows activity to be viewed on the property through any web enabled device. These systems also allow you to record videos which can be reviewed later or stored for days or weeks to help reduce your liability and lost revenue due to vandalism and theft.

Access Control systems can provide electronic control of r anyone trying to enter your  building or a particular area within the building. A major benefit for business owners with access control systems is immediate control over the activation or de-activation of every card, fob or other access credential for their property.  It is important for you to invest in a quality product that meets all your needs and choose an experienced company who can skillfully install and service your system.

An investment in these security solutions for your business could provide you with peace of mind knowing that your property and staff are well protected.


AFA’s Vision Remote App puts the security of your business in the palm of your hands. This can be programmed to give you the ability to quickly access information about your business including email or text alerts when certain areas of the property are accessed or if there is ever an intruder.

AFA has been providing businesses with security solutions for decades. We are proud of our long-term relationships and the experience we have providing quality security solutions for our clients. AFA’s technicians have unmatched experience installing and servicing security systems so customers can be confident their buildings are properly protected.

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