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Why You Should Have a Non-Proprietary System for Your Business

The concept is simple – if you purchase a proprietary fire alarm system be prepared to be “married” to the manufacturer and service provider. You will have one source for equipment, support, and programming when it comes to additions, changes, and repairs to your system. 

A non-proprietary fire alarm system will give you the freedom to choose from a variety of authorized fire alarm service providers, are cost effective, and will provide better service.


Non-proprietary fire alarm systems are more “open source and are usually available through multiple authorized distributors in your area who have been factory trained by the equipments manufacturer. Usually, these systems can also be serviced by several companies and you do not need to stay with a particular company to have your system inspected and maintained. In other words, you’re not stuck with a particular service provider. 


Providers can take advantage of their single source relationship by providing slower service and response time.  The reasoning is simple; a proprietary service provider does not need to service your system in as timely a manner as a non-proprietary system provider because you are stuck with them whether their service is good or not. The costs of items are generally much higher than the same services using non-proprietary equipment. As a result, both response  time, ongoing cost, and the quality of service should be better with a non-proprietary service provider in order to keep the customer. 

Non-proprietary system providers must price their services and equipment competitively from the installation to their aftermarket fire alarm services because of the nature of their open-sourced program. The customer has options to choose from a group of qualified fire alarm vendors who can do the installation and/or provide service with better pricing. Choosing a non-proprietary fire alarm system allows you to compare and “shop” for authorized distributors and for fire alarm services.  


At AFA, we provide non-proprietary equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Our commitment to deliver non-proprietary equipment leads to a better, simpler service experience, but most importantly, provides you the freedom to choose the right system and the right business partner for all your service needs. We believe this leads to a better experience and greater value for our customers. Our knowledgeable professionals design and install the best solution for your property utilizing quality systems with the features, functionality and reliability you need.

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