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Why You Should Test and Inspect Your Fire Alarm System

As businesses start to reopen, it is important for the safety of your building and employees to be up to date with your fire alarm testing and inspection service. You should be confident that your fire alarm system would protect your business and employees in the event of an emergency.

If you are not sure your system needs maintenance, you should have a licensed technician come to inspect and test your system. By having your system professionally inspected and tested, you are preventing future false alarms and emergency repairs, which can be costly. Regularly servicing your fire alarm system guarantees that you are following the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) guidelines in addition to your insurance company and local fire safety requirements.

Reasons You Need Your Fire Alarm System Tested and Inspected:

  • It Can Save Lives: For your system to function properly, it needs to be regularly ser-viced. By keeping your system up to date with its testing and inspection requirements, it could save the lives of your employees.
  • It Can Save You Money: If you can’t show proof that your system has been regularly serviced, your insurance company may not cover any fire-damage claims. Also, by show-ing proof of inspections, at least annually, your insurance company might offer you a discount.
  • It Can Prevent Future Issues: Maintaining your system prevents problems you didn’t even know you had. Regular inspection and testing will also reduce false alarms, which wastes the Fire Department’s time and funds. There is also a possibility you could be fined!
  • It’s the Law: Testing and inspecting your system on a routine basis is required by NFPA Standards, your insurance company and your local fire safety codes.

Since 1873, AFA Protective Systems has provided testing and inspection services to its customers. AFA’s test and inspection services come with licensed technicians who have un-matched experience. AFA takes pride in its responsiveness and reliable services so customers can feel confident that their building is protected. Give AFA a call Today at 877-232-1873 to schedule an inspection for your system.

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