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Why Your Business Needs Regular Fire Alarm Inspections

Did you know you are required to have your commercial building inspected at least annually? Fire alarm inspections are a requirement to keep your building code compliant. Your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) can and will visit your business/building at any time to ensure your fire alarm system has been inspected and is working properly in accordance with Local, State and/or National Fire Alarm Code. 
If your building cannot provide proof of having code compliant documentation of a current fire alarm inspection OR if your fire alarm system is not in working order, your building can be found to be in violation of the local fire alarm code. Violations issued by your AHJ could mean expensive fines and in some cases, a revocation of your Certificate of Occupancy.
Regular inspections will help keep your building in compliance with local fire alarm code as well as ensuring the fire alarm system will operate properly, if needed. Licensed Fire Alarm companies have trained professionals who can inspect and test your fire alarm system in accordance with both your local AHJ’s requirements and other entities such as your building’s insurance carrier.

What Happens During a Fire Alarm Inspection?

Your fire alarm vendor should schedule your required fire alarm inspections at a time that minimizes disruption to your business. The technicians should visually inspect the alarm equipment on your premises and test the operation of devices such as smoke detectors and manual pull stations to make sure everything works properly. In the event that your fire alarm system does not work properly, your fire alarm vendor should be able to fix or make arrangements to fix the issue.
Typically, your fire alarm vendor will visit your business premises and do the following:

  • Test your fire alarm and its components including; manual pull stations, smoke and heat detectors, duct detectors, annunciator panels, tamper devices, carbon monoxide detectors and associated communication equipment.
  • Look for any possible fire alarm system failures, such as ground faults.
  • Carry out any repairs on the spot or arrange a future date for repairs.
  • Make sure your system is code compliant.

What are the Benefits of Regular Fire Alarm Testing?

Fines resulting from violations can be costly and difficult to fight. If violations pile up or are ignored, you can lose the right to occupy your building. Fire alarm inspections are a necessary investment to keep you in compliance with local codes, prevent fines and to keep your building safe.
Additionally, regular fire alarm tests reduce system failure, which could pose a serious safety risk to your building and your employees. Construction work, normal wear and tear and even the accumulation of dust could damage components and prevent your fire alarm from working properly. In short, regular fire alarm inspections could help save lives and property.

How to Choose a Licensed Fire Alarm Company for your Inspections

Not all fire alarm companies are the same. You need to choose an experienced, licensed company who can test and maintain your fire prevention system and ensure everything is in working order.

  • A good fire alarm service company will have all the proper licenses and do the following:
  • Thoroughly inspect and record each device in accordance with local fire alarm code.
  • Provide you with an up to date fire alarm inspection report at the completion of each inspection. 
  • Remedy issues found during the inspection by repairing the non-working components of your fire alarm system.
  • Provide you with exceptional customer service and not disrupt your day-to-day business operation.
  • Suggest any changes to your fire alarm system and services that will save you money and optimize safety in your workplace.

Never skimp on fire alarm protection. Investing in regular inspections will prevent fines, keep your business operating and could help save lives.




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