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AFA & Pavion’s Fire Alarm, Security, Video, and Access System New Subscription Services

Subscription Services generate significant capital savings, accelerated technology deployment, reduced operational risk, end of term technology refresh, higher availability, and greater peace of mind.

What’s Included? – Subscription Services include Design, Engineering, User Experience Consulting, Programming, Training, Hardware, Software Licenses, Software Support, Installation, Training and Documentation as specified for the initial project installation.  The offer includes Maintenance for the term of the agreement, our highest level of customer care, which covers all maintenance, management, and break-fix services.  Additionally, should equipment fail during the term of the agreement, we will repair and/or replace with no expense to your company.

Contract Term Based on Your Company’s Preferred Tech Refresh Lifecycle – Due to the flexible nature of the Subscription Services offer, your company can mix and match Subscription Services term length by technology type, location, system type, etc.  This flexibility enables your company to assess their preferred technology refresh lifecycle and manage the refresh accordingly.   For example, your company may prefer a tech refresh for video surveillance every three years, and access control every four years.  Simply designate system type, location, and term on the Subscription Services Schedule, and we manage the rest.

Add Features, Rooms, and Technology Throughout the Term of the Agreement – Should your company’s requirements change during the term of the Subscription Services Agreement, you can amend the Agreement to reflect the additional features and capabilities required at any time.  Subscription Services modifications can be coterminous with the existing agreement or start a new term for the added features – your choice.

Helping Your Company to Implement Technology Most Effectively – We believe Subscription Services enables your company to accelerate technology upgrades and transformation of your existing infrastructure, while delivering a lower TCO, higher level of Customer Care, budget linearity, and a managed approach to maintain technology refresh lifecycle objectives into the future.

Pricing – We can provide monthly Subscription Services pricing for infrastructure and systems built to your company’s Standard Reference Architecture.  Our standard contract term options are 36 and 60-month, however, 48-month and 72-month terms are also available upon request. 

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