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Capsol – Advanced Communication Technology

AFA Protective Systems is now a CAPSOL distributor. This provides you with more opportunities to keep your property better protected.

The CAPSOL Mass Notification tool can be used in any industry. Whether you’re looking at a system for routine communication or a robust Mass Notification System, CAPSOL provides the flexibility and scalability to meet your needs. CAPSOL mass notification systems can meet even the toughest communication challenge, it works over your existing network infrastructure to ease in deployment and reduce installation costs.

CAPSOL can integrate with your existing fire alarm or mass notification system, for all types of in-building and wide area notification systems. Additional features include emergency computer messaging, LED text displays, text to speech and mobile notification apps that can enhance your current efforts.

CAPSOL has instant mobile alerting that is useful for any size group of users. With unlimited messaging, there are no caps or tiers increasing costs for sending messages. With instant mobile alerting, you can send 10 or 10,000 messages in seconds. This is useful for civil defense, utilities, fire department, law enforcement, education, coaches and many more groups looking for reliable protection and communication.

Protecting your people is a 24/7 challenge. CAPSOL makes protecting your data a priority. With CAPSOL’s S4S and IMA, user information is not required, collected, or stored.

Mass Notification from CAPSOL sends instant warnings and alerts during emergencies. For example, when you have employees who commute into the office for work, in the event of a snowstorm or other weather emergency you can keep them informed with CAPSOL.

The mass notification tool can be utilized for much more than emergency situations. It can also be used for events, scheduling updates, and any other messages you want to get out to a group of people.

Communication is key, keep your business better informed and protected with CAPSOL. For more information visit

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