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Choosing a Fire Alarm Company That Provides 24/7 Certified Monitoring

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Steps or a Checklist a Decision Maker Would Want to Know

Commercial fire alarm systems are essential elements of business operations and should be closely regulated to meet modern safety requirements. From product design and engineering through product installation and testing to 24/7 certified monitoring and inspections by local authorities and state agencies, every aspect of commercial fire alarms must function seamlessly to safeguard both people and property.

Upgrading to a modern fire alarm system with integrated features is a smart move to protect against the risk of property damage, injury and loss of life. Our fire protection experts at Smart Digital can create a custom plan for upgrading and optimizing your system to ensure its optimal operation.

Fire alarm control panels (FACPs) are vital to creating an effective fire alarm system. Their purpose is to monitor and control all alarm initiating devices, notification appliances, and fire suppression systems – as well as monitor power supplies to provide backup when required.

initiating and notification devices warn building occupants about fire hazards with visual and audible warning signals such as flashing lights, loud ringing sounds and automated spoken alerts. Occupant notifications may also serve to inform individuals of evacuation routes and procedures.

Fire alarm circuit wiring is an essential element of a fire alarm system. It connects devices such as FACPs to central stations or vice versa; depending on the size of your facility, multiple alarm circuits may be necessary.

Digital inspection forms and electronic document management help meet NFPA, AHJ and OSHA regulations while cutting paperwork costs and making it easier for technicians to access inspection records and reports.

Maintaining your fire alarm system properly requires scheduling regular inspections by an expert technician. Thorough visual checks and tests should take place weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually and annually as determined by local AHJ rules and NFPA Standards.

Your commercial fire alarm system will send a distress signal in the event of a fire via telephone or mobile network depending on how it was originally configured. By quickly calling in authorities, lives and property can be saved, while damages minimized. Once on scene, authorities will evacuate affected areas before initiating their investigation of the fire; your staff will also be safely guided away from danger. After an emergency situation has arisen, the fire department will inspect your property to make sure no further damages or injuries have occurred. Furthermore, your fire alarm company can offer fire drills and training sessions for employees so they are better prepared in an emergency situation.

AFA Protective Systems is the Top Choice

Selecting a fire alarm company offering professional monitoring services is an integral step toward protecting your home or business from smoke, carbon monoxide, and other forms of emergency damage. Installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance services typically included within these plans or packages are typically utilized. Once sensors detect smoke or CO exposure or heat exposure they notify alarm system’s point of contact who in turn contacts emergency services for you – saving both time and money when disaster strikes!

AFA Protective Systems stands out in this industry with quality products and reliable services they have offered customers for many years. AFA also offers customers various customization options when choosing equipment, such as choosing between manufacturers – this can help customers customize their systems more than having only a single option to choose from.

The main product lines offered by this company include fire detection systems, burglar alarm systems and CCTV systems; as well as service and repair for subscriber-owned systems. They offer their services across a number of locations serving commercial, financial, industrial, governmental and residential clients alike. In addition, this firm also provides supervisory services for industrial buildings like boiler supervision and controlling domestic water supplies during flood events.

AFA Protective Systems’ services extend beyond security; it also boasts a 24-hour emergency response center manned by highly-trained security specialists who are always happy to assist customers with any concerns or issues they encounter.

AFA Protective Services, located in Syosset, NY and with 17 branch offices nationwide, specializes in fire alarm, burglar alarm, CCTV and access control system integration for clients throughout Eastern United States. Their headquarters can be found there. AFA works closely with various manufacturers to tailor solutions that fit each of their customers.

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