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Evolv Express: Transforming School Security with Touchless Weapons Detection

In an era where school security is a top priority, AFA Protective Systems is proud to introduce the Evolv Express system. This revolutionary technology leverages artificial intelligence and advanced sensor technology to provide a touchless and efficient approach to weapons screening.

Evolv Express is not your traditional metal detector. Unlike conventional systems that merely detect metal objects, this advanced technology is designed to distinguish weapons and weapon components specifically. By utilizing AI and sophisticated sensors, it can instantly recognize the presence of a firearm, even in a crowd of people moving at the pace of life.

One of the standout features of Evolv Express is its speed. It can screen approximately one person per second, making it significantly faster than traditional metal detectors. This means that most individuals can simply walk through the screening process without the need to empty their pockets or bags, reducing lines and minimizing disruption.

Precision and Peace of Mind

Evolv Express doesn’t stop at identifying a potential threat; it goes further by pinpointing the exact location of the threat on a person. This precision is crucial in ensuring swift and effective responses to potential security risks.

The Mission of Evolv Technology

Evolv Technology, the company behind Evolv Express, was founded with a noble mission: to make the world a safer place for people to live, work, learn, and play. They collaborate closely with their customers to keep weapons out of prohibited areas and enhance security in places where people gather.

A Layered Approach to Security

Effective security is not achieved by technology alone. It involves a layered approach that encompasses people, processes, and technology working in harmony. Each venue, whether it’s a school, theater, stadium, or park, has its unique security needs. Evolv Technology understands this and works closely with security professionals to customize their system for specific venue requirements.

A Trusted Partner in Education

For school leaders committed to creating safer and more welcoming learning environments, Evolv Express stands out as the touchless weapons detection system of choice. It delivers consistent and rapid screening without inherent bias, ensuring a secure and anxiety-free start to the school day.

Evolv Express also integrates seamlessly into school security ecosystems, enhancing response times to threats and reducing the need for invasive body searches. Unlike traditional metal detectors, it helps eliminate soft targets caused by long lines, creating a more secure environment for students and staff.

Bringing the Focus Back to Education

With Evolv Express in place, schools can shift their focus back to what matters most: education. Teachers and students can enjoy a more peaceful and connected community, free from the anxiety caused by potential acts of violence.

While Evolv Express is a powerful addition to a school’s security plan, it is not a cure-all. It is one part of a comprehensive, layered approach to security, which includes other technologies like video management systems and social media monitoring. These tools are vital but should be viewed as complementary rather than foolproof solutions.

AFA Protective Systems is excited to introduce Evolv Express, a game-changing technology that is redefining security. By combining AI, advanced sensors, and a commitment to creating safer environments, Evolv Express empowers schools to enhance their safety plans and prioritize learning above all else. To learn more about this innovative system, please contact our sales team.

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