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Fire Alarm Considerations for Facilities Managers During COVID 19

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused many facilities across the nation to close or change occupancy. Since many office and retail spaces are unoccupied, they may be more vulnerable to an emergency if building personnel are not on site to act. If you are leaving your building with no occupants or a limited staff for security, it is important to ensure your fire alarm system is operational and that your emergency response protocols are in line with building personnel changes.

AFA Protective Systems is recommending all building owners and facility managers review the suggestions below to ensure your fire alarm systems are functioning properly to safeguard your business and assets:

  • Confirm the fire alarm system is free of troubles and is properly reporting to your central station monitoring facility.
  • If the existing fire alarm systems does not have supervisory or trouble conditions constantly monitored, consider providing remote supervision means.
  • Ask your central station monitoring company to be set up with remote monitoring software which allows your to manage you fire alarm monitoring from any web enabled device.
  • Ensure that any troubles and supervisory conditions reported by your central station are being closely monitored and the appropriate staff is being dispatched as needed.
  • Monitor the temperature in all areas where there are fire alarm components (power supplies, alarm panels, etc.). Also monitor areas where water enters the building for supplying automatic sprinkler systems.
  • Ensure the temperature sensors send the appropriate signals to your central station provider and ensure maintenance personnel understands the importance of responding immediately to extreme temperature conditions.
  • Take advantage of unoccupied buildings or building areas by performing any maintenance or repair activities, which would otherwise be disruptive during normal building occupancy or operation.
  • While buildings are empty, have your fire alarm service provider conduct testing and maintenance of fire protection systems.

We hope you find the above list of suggestions helpful to keep your facility safe during the COVID pandemic. If you should have any questions, please contact AFA Protective Systems at 877-232-1873 or email us at

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