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Fire Safety for Healthcare Facilities

If you are managing a hospital or healthcare facility, the safety of your patients, doctors, nurses and staff is a primary concern. Hospitals utilize powerful electrical equipment, medical gases, flammable liquids, and have commercial kitchens. All of these contribute to an elevated fire hazard risk. In addition, hospitals and healthcare facilities house vulnerable patients who may not be capable of evacuating in the event of a fire. Hospitals must be prepared to quickly evacuate high-risk and immobile patients such as children, the elderly, and the disabled. A detailed fire safety plan and well maintained fire protection, detection, and notification systems are critical.


Healthcare facilities need interconnected safety systems performing individually important functions to provide the safest possible environment for patients and staff.  Fire sprinkler systems, kitchen suppression systems and specialized deluge systems are all designed to stop fires before they spread.  These systems should be connected to a fire alarm system which monitors their status and also includes various detection devices designed to save lives by detecting fire in its earliest stages.  These devices can include smoke, heat, gas and flame detectors in addition to manual pull stations throughout a healthcare facility.  An alarm condition initiated by any detection device or interconnected system should activate the appropriate notification appliances which can include horns, strobes, speakers, bells, and coded chimes to alert the staff and emergency response personnel.


In larger healthcare facilities mass notification systems can be utilized with the fire alarm system to provide alarm notifications throughout a large facility or campus through multiple communication channels. A mass notification system integrates a traditional public address system with the fire alarm system to send out regular PA announcements or to go into alert mode using a multi-zone audio system. It also can send out alerts and push notifications to cell phones and other personnel communication devices belonging to staff members.


Having a properly designed and installed nurse call system for a hospital is a critical component of a hospital’s daily operation.  It’s primary purpose is communication, ensuring quick response and patient care.  Additionally, the nurse call system is able to broadcast emergency notifications or alerts and can be integrated with a fire alarm system. These systems can be networked for multiple buildings and are customizable for any unique needs.


In addition to alerting all the staff members and emergency personnel at a healthcare facility when an alarm occurs, it is important to notify the local fire department as quickly as possible.  Central Station monitoring provided by a UL Listed, FM Approved, FDNY approved and CSAA Five Diamond central station facility ensures trained and skilled operators are ready to respond to any alarm condition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Operators provide prompt and reliable notification to fire departments and authorized first responders to help your healthcare facility receive the fastest response possible.


For nearly 150 years, our success providing life safety services to medical facilities can be attributed to our emphasis on partnership-based relationships with our customers. We take the time to understand the specific needs of our customers operation and facility to provide creative solutions. Choosing AFA to protect your healthcare facility means choosing a responsive and thoughtful service provider to ensure the safety of your buildings.  Make AFA, the country’s longest running central station, your choice to better protect your facility, patients and staff.

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