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Fire & Safety Services: What You Can Expect from AFA Protective Systems, Inc.

Fire & Safety Services: What You Can Expect from AFA Protective Systems, Inc.

For over 145 years, AFA Protective Systems, Inc. has offered premier Fire alarm and Security service to major metropolitan areas along the East Coast. As cities and suburbs have evolved, office buildings have become more complex, campuses more massive, hotels grander, apartment and condominium complexes more elaborate. To safeguard the occupants in these large structures, sophisticated and well-designed fire detection, notification, and evacuation systems have become essential.

Early warning and response time is essential to notifying building occupants of potential hazards. A few minutes can make all the difference. The difference lies in the health of your system as well as the service provider behind it. For the design, installation, monitoring, and maintenance of advanced fire systems, AFA provides customers with better service, better response time, experienced employees, advanced technologies, competitive pricing and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Designing Your Detection Systems

Whether planning the construction of a new high-rise or retrofitting an older facility, the objectives for installing an efficient fire detection system are the same. The essential elements are the proper placement of the right number of detection devices with prominent notification methods for internal and external alerting. This will not only protect your building, it will also keep you in compliance with local and National fire codes.

AFA Protective Systems, Inc. specializes in the design, installation and service of fire detection systems in healthcare, hospitality, educational, and business facilities. AFA works with building owners, supervisors, and developers to create the custom designed systems for the type and function of each building.

AFAs in house engineers collaborate with customers using computer aided design (CAD) technologies. These systems allows for the replication of the entire structure to identify the types, number, and exact placement of detection and notification devices to ensure the system is code compliant so all occupants receive sufficient warning in case of an emergency.

Central Station Monitoring

AFA Protective Systems, Inc. can monitor your fire alarm system using our UL Listed and FM Approved central station facilities. Our in house central stations are staffed with trained and skilled operators who are certified to receive and respond to any alarm condition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AFA operates multiple company owned central stations with built in redundancies to ensure uninterrupted levels of service. With AFA, you can have confidence knowing that your property will receive a prompt and efficient response in the event of an emergency.

Notifier by Honeywell

One of AFAs featured partners is Notifier by Honeywell. Notifier has been a world-class leader in fire & safety services for over a century. Notifier offers the most advanced systems for fire detection and notification. The Notifier system is also non-proprietary, giving customers the freedom to choose their fire alarm service provider.

The heart of the Notifier systems is the Notifier Fire Alarm Control Panel. The state-of-the-art Notifier Onyx Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel will network with the full range of fire detection systems throughout any large campus, sprawling hospital, or multi-storied skyscraper.

AFA Installation Services

AFA technicians are trained and certified to install and test every component of the fire alarm system to ensure that the system works as designed. The technicians will program and connect all of the elements of the system to ensure proper response and follow-through in the case of an actual emergency. Installations are followed up by a thorough system test as well system training.

Preventative Maintenance by AFA Protective Systems

To protect building employees and occupants, National and local government agencies require that fire detection and notification systems should always be powered and operational. Regular testing and maintenance for functionality is a requirement.

Maintaining and periodic testing of your fire alarm system is also important for the longevity of your system. As time passes, grit and dust may accumulate in the detection and notification devices. This requires inspection, cleaning, and sometimes replacement. Local fire agencies demand that your system be tested at least annually to ensure that all systems are working properly.

Every element of the fire alarm system should regularly be inspected per your local code. Only certified technicians should perform the required maintenance of your fire alarm systems. The sophistication of integrated systems requires specific spare parts, tools, and diagnostics to repair and reprogram in an efficient manner.

AFA’s experience in providing the regular maintenance of your fire alarm systems can help save lives and property.

Peace of Mind

Make AFA your partner for fire alarm systems design, installation, monitoring, and maintenance services. Let us experts handle the systems that will protect your employees, visitors, and assets so that you may proceed with your organization’s primary activities with genuine peace of mind

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