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Revamping Fire Alarm Safety With New Systems

We’ve recently noticed a surge in businesses and properties who need to replace their outdated conventional fire alarm systems with updated intelligent addressable Notifier systems.

Commercial property owners, managers and engineers are looking to these systems for several reasons.

Advantages of Newer Systems

In many cases, the fire alarm system technology needs to be upgraded due to older system parts wearing out as they age. In older models, replacement parts may not be available any longer. Fire alarm systems may also need to be upgraded due to performance requirements. This may be necessary if building owners and property managers prefer the kinds of features that intelligent addressable Notifier fire alarm systems offer. 

Non-proprietary Systems

Commercial property owners, managers and engineers are also seeking out non-proprietary instead of proprietary systems. Proprietary systems may cause them to remain in a relationship with their existing fire alarm provider, where they can only obtain the necessary parts and programming from that single source. This restriction can be a constant source of frustration for customers who can be forced to pay exorbitant prices and endure lengthy service delays from proprietary system suppliers.  A non-proprietary system gives them the opportunity to shop around and ensure they receive good service at a good price.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Most buyers aren’t aware, but a non-addressable or conventional fire alarm system may at first seem like a cheaper option, but after an expensive installation cost, all perceived savings are lost.

  • An addressable system:
  • is cheaper to install
  • is more reliable
  • will continue to signal even if a wire is severed
  • can pinpoint the exact location of the fire

Addressable Notifier systems offer these advantages along with being non-proprietary, which allows more options for service and repairs.

Finally,  the most important aspects of changing from one system to another is to be interruption free. A fire alarm system must be operational at all times because emergencies may still occur during transition. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires this continuity. This is particularly true for buildings in which people live and work, including offices, hotels, apartments, dorms, hospitals, schools and more. AFA Protective Systems is committed to quickly and reliably perform your fire-alarm transition so that protection and safety is never interrupted or compromised. Call us now or fill out a form for a free quote.

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