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How AFA’s Competent and Experienced Employees Benefit the Customer Experience

At AFA, our employees are our greatest assets. They are some of the most experienced professionals in the fire alarm industry and work tirelessly to provide our customer’s exceptional service. Our employees understand they are responsible for more than just fixing or installing your fire alarm. Their primary goal is to make your life easier and safer through cost-effective, reliable, turnkey fire alarm solutions

How AFA Helps Service Customers

Each AFA technician undergoes a custom training program. Through this program, AFA technicians are able to develop their skills in fire alarm installation, programming, inspection, and service. Through our technicians, AFA is able to:

  1. Install non-proprietary equipment so customers have the freedom to select their service provider throughout the life span of their system.
  2. Perform final connections, programming and final test-in-place to ensure all fire alarm systems are fully functional.
  3. Inspect your fire alarm system to make sure it is working correctly and complies with your state and local codes.
  4. Provide reliable fire alarm system maintenance services, troubleshooting any issues to make sure the system is in working order.

Technician knowledge

AFA employees have decades of experience installing, programming, inspecting and servicing fire alarm systems. The experience results in service that you can rely on. We recommend all our technicians earn their National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) accreditation to confirm their extensive technical knowledge and understanding of the various Codes and Standards for fire alarms. This helps them quickly uncover and remedy deficiencies in fire alarm systems, keeping our customers code compliant and safe.

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