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How Burglar Alarms Work

Burglar alarms are an essential form of protection for your business. An extensive alarm system not only protects your property and assets, but it gives you the peace of mind knowing that your building is well protected[BA1] . Here is a quick reference guide of components to protect your property:

Alarm System Components

Control Panel: The control panel is the brain of your alarm system. All the signals from your sensors are sent to the control panel to be processed. The control panel is often installed in a utility room, away from public access or view to avoid tampering.

Keypad: The keypad is how you interact with your alarm system. It allows you to see the status of and perform programmable functions to your alarm system like arming/disarming. The keypad connects to your system using either hard-wired or wireless connectivity.

Sensors and Detectors

Glass Break Sensors: Glass break sensors can detect the sound of glass breaking. When this unique sound is detected, an alarm is triggered.

Motion Detectors: Motion detectors monitor movements in a specific space with the use of ultrasonic waves, microwave pulses and/or infrared heat. It’s important to choose ones that are suited to the dimensions and needs of your facility.

Door/Window Sensors: These sensors are normally placed on any exterior openings. The sensors use magnetic connections. Once the system is armed and the magnets are touching, it registers its window or door as secure. If the door or window is opened and the connectors are separated, the alarm is triggered.

All of these elements can be combined with more specialized detection devices, based on the needs of your business, to work together to form an extensive alarm system to ensure your property is safe from intruders.

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