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How to Maintain Your Commercial Security System

Security systems have become a necessity in today’s business environment. Advanced technology and affordable equipment are two reasons why many businesses are investing in security systems to protect their workplace. This has resulted in the creation of more secure business environments for employees, better protection for valuable assets and peace of mind for business owners and managers.

Like fire alarm systems, your security systems also require some maintenance to ensure uninterrupted protection. Regardless of the type of system or the age of the system, you should know how to properly maintain it and what to do if the system malfunctions.

Common Issues with Commercial Security Systems

All systems require regular maintenance. While there are some simple steps you can do to maintain your system yourself, the most important measure you can take to ensure the health of your system is to work with a qualified service provider. Your alarm service provider can make sure all necessary inspections and repairs are conducted in a timely manner. Some of the most common problems with security systems and devices include:

  • Repetitive false alarms
  • Incorrect programming
  • Calibration issues with the system’s sensors
  • An inability to arm or disarm alarms
  • Problems with security locks on doors not functioning properly
  • Problems with the intelligibility of voice notifications

A qualified service technician can address the problems listed above. However, regular maintenance to your system can go a long way to help you avoid most of these issues.

What You Can Do to Help Maintain Your System

If you are having a new system installed, ensuring maintenance services are included in your agreement can help save on costs in the long term. However, there are some simple steps you can take on your own to help maintain your security system including:

  • Routinely checking the locks on all doors and checking the door lock contacts to ensure they are clean and operate smoothly
  • Regularly checking and cleaning the lenses on any security cameras and visually checking their connections
  • Check with your service provider or your system’s manufacturer to ensure you haven’t missed any firmware updates that could compromise your system
  • Make sure devices that require batteries are checked on a regular basis and batteries are replaced when necessary
  • Make sure your video cameras and motion detectors are always clear of environmental obstructions (e.g., trees/bushes, cobwebs, dust, etc.)
  • Partner with a Trusted Company

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