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It’s Budget Season and AFA is Here to Help

At AFA, our job is to not only to protect your property, but also to make your life easier. We are here to make sure everything is accounted for when you prepare your budget for 2020. AFA Protective Systems is dedicated to providing you all information and pricing to ensure you are covered when it comes to your fire alarm and security system.

Just remember – you’re not planning for the next year, you’re planning for the longevity of your property. Call us to provide you provide you with the following free of charge:

1. Competitive quotes for your building’s code required fire alarm services like Fire Alarm Monitoring, Fire alarm inspections and Fire Alarm maintenance.

2. A free survey of your building to determine if you: have any possible security or fire alarm issues; are code compliant; have the need for fire alarm of security upgrades or have any faulty devices that should be replaced.

3. Competitive pricing on all upcoming capital expenditures like fire alarm upgrades, camera system installations, access control installations or burglar alarm installations

Building owners and managers who upgrade to AFA for their required Fire Alarm Inspections, Maintenance and Monitoring services are able to Receive better Response time, Use Top Technology, Work with Smarter and More Experienced Employees and Save Money.

Let’s face it; the bottom line is the bottom line. AFA’s experience and resources allow us to offer better fire alarm service at a lower price. Our representatives will work with you to provide the most cost effective high quality fire alarm or security service solution for the inspection, maintenance and monitoring of your property.

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