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Requirements for Fire Alarm Pull Stations

A fire alarm pull station is used when someone believes there is a fire or smoke in a building but the alarm has yet to go off. It’s a crucial component of all fire safety systems because it offers a manual way for individuals to trigger an alarm if a fire hasn’t progressed far enough to activate the smoke or heat detectors. 

There are two types of pull stations: single-action and dual-action. A single-action station refers to a station in which an individual simply pulls down on a lever. With a dual-action station, a second step must be taken (ie. An individual may have to open a box or break the glass around the handle). Let’s dive deeper into the major requirements for a fire alarm pull station.

How Many Fire Alarm Pull Stations Are Required?

The design and occupancy of your building will determine where you need to place your fire alarm pull stations. While one pull station is required for some buildings, others need multiple stations across various floors and areas. This is necessary in order to meet NFPA 72 standards as well as local fire alarm code. 

If your building features long hallways and many exits, you’ll likely need to invest in several pull stations. According to NFPA 72, each pull station must be installed between 42 and 48 inches from the floor to ensure easy accessibility for people in wheelchairs. In addition, it needs to be placed in a location that’s from free obstacles. This way any individual may access the pull station in the event of an emergency.

How Often are Inspections Necessary?

NFPA 72 states that fire alarm pull stations must be manually tested upon installation and inspected every six months afterwards. Inspections are designed to uncover any issues that can impair a device’s ability to work properly. While a building owner or designated representative can perform a visual inspection, only a trained professional can properly service the device. 

In addition to inspections, fire alarm pull stations must be tested annually, according to manufacturer directions. Note that your insurance company may require testing on a more frequent basis. 

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