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The 4 Purposes of Your Business’ Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system is your first line of defense against a fire. Early detection of smoke or fire will allow the building and its occupants to react accordingly and to potentially save lives.  Here are four ways your fire alarm works to keep you and your building safe:

#1 Detect Fire

Your fire alarm system is designed to detect fire by reacting to smoke and heat through respective detectors. Your system should also have manual pull stations which can be activated when someone believes there is fire or smoke in the building, but the alarm has yet to go off. The manual pull station is a crucial component of fire safety systems because it offers a manual way for individuals to trigger an alarm if a fire hasn’t progressed far enough to activate the smoke or heat detectors.

#2 Notify Employees

Once a fire alarm system identifies smoke, heat or an activated sprinkler system within the building, it notifies the building’s occupants with both audible and visible alarms. These alarms will be bright, ear-piercing and impossible to ignore to alert everyone in the building to follow your evacuation plan.

#3 Manage Risks

Your fire alarm system can react to potential safety risks using control functions. When your business’ fire alarm is activated, your system can help prevent smoke and fire from spreading by automatically shutting specific doors, powering off ventilation/air conditioning systems or recalling elevators to bring cars to a designated level away from the alarm activation.

#4 Alert Authorities

Your fire alarm system’s fourth purpose is to notify the authorities. Notification is provided through your central station monitoring company who will dispatch to the fire department when a fire alarm signal is received. A quick reaction to a fire alarm signal could save lives.

Getting the Most Out of Your System

Technology is constantly changing and in order to guarantee your system is in working condition, it’s critical you maintain, monitor and inspect it.

  • Maintain it: If you have a fire alarm system, you need to know that it is ready to respond in the event of an emergency. Find a provider who can offer reliable and responsive maintenance services.
  • Monitor it: Having your system monitored is essential to ensure the proper response is provided regardless of the signal type.
  • Inspect it: Inspecting your fire alarm system on a routine basis is required by NFPA Standards and your local fire safety codes



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