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Why Fire Alarm Maintenance is Important for Your Business

A working fire alarm system is a necessity to keep your building safe and code compliant. Your fire alarm system requires regular inspections and maintenance to ensure uninterrupted protection. Regardless of the type of system or the age of the system, you should have a maintenance program established and know what to do if your system malfunctions.

Setting up regular fire alarm maintenance services can ensure your business of the following benefits:

Increased Protection

Advanced technology and affordable equipment have made it more feasible to adequately protect your property, people and assets. However, the most important measure you can take to ensure the health of your system is to have a qualified service provider regularly maintain your system. The result should make for a safer business environment for employees, better protection for valuable assets and peace of mind for business owners and managers.

Code Compliance

Building owners and managers in the United States are subject to a variety of local, state and national fire codes. If your building is found to be in violation of the governing fire alarm code, it could result in some steep fines for your building and or even a revocation of your Certificate of Occupancy. Regularly inspecting and maintaining your system can help ensure your business and fire alarm remains code compliant avoiding possible fines or worse.

Repair Costs

Regular maintenance of your fire alarm system can prevent problems you didn’t even know you had. By finding and correcting fire alarm issues early, you can better protect your people and also reduce false alarms. It’s important to work with a service provider who will take the time to understand your needs to set up a maintenance program that works for your business.

Fire Alarm Maintenance Services from AFA Protective Systems, Inc.

Since 1873, AFA Protective Systems has provided fire alarm maintenance services to its loyal customers. AFA’s qualified technicians have unparalleled experience maintaining Fire Alarm systems. AFA’s technicians provide responsive and reliable service so customers can be confident their property is properly protected.

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